MY   J O U R N E Y

My story begins in  a small town in the Pacific Northwest of the US - where I was born and raised.  Native American culture and an innate respect for land and nature is woven into the fabric of the great PNW - and at an early age spawned a deep fascination with culture, indigenous knowledge and the healing power of just being in nature herself.


I began travelling at a young age and spent 10 years of my life working as an aid worker throughout Africa and Asia.  My travels eventually led me to the LSE, where I specialised in International Development.  I always knew I wanted to help and heal people - but I didn't realise that this journey must first begin with yourself before it begins with others.  While working in the jungles of South America - I realised I had a lot of healing of my own to do - and I started to return to a practice I dabbled in while living in South Korea - yoga.


We all know that yoga can have profound healing effects on the body and mind, but like any spiritual practice, I believe yoga holds as many interpretations as those that practice it.   To me, yoga was the union between the science and the spiritual - the natural and the divine - that I had been craving most of my life.


I soon packed my bags yet again - but this time to India, where I trained with Jamie Clarke & Dulce Aguilar of The Yoga People both in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Rocket and Yin Yoga.  I work daily to further my own development in my yogic practice - drawing from disciplines and teachers both off and on the mat.   I am a firm believer in Karma Yoga - and extending your light to others.  In 2014, I co-founded The Karma Yoga Project which aims to take the healing properties of yoga off the mat and into the world's most disadvantaged communities.